Black Friday Deals!

Great deals on the best tattoos in Baton Rouge!

November 24th 2017

Call 225-291-0095


New Titanium Clickers!

New Clickers from Industrial Strength Body Jewelry!
Perfect for septums and daiths!

We now carry an assortment of Industrial Strength Body Jewlery for your piercing pleasures!


Now Open at 11am!

Deja Vu Tattoo and Body Piercing in Baton Rouge is now open at 11am Tuesday-Saturday!

Black Friday Deals! 50% OFF

November 25th and 26th 2016 at Deja Vu Tattoo and Body Piercing!

Get 50% OFF tattoos

Piercings are buy one get one free!

While supplies last


Now open at 11am-10pm!

Deja Vu Tattoo and Body Piercing will now be open at 11am with tattooing by Renee Mills!

We are also offering Black Friday Deals all Thanksgiving 2016 Weekend!

50% of all tattoos and piercings are buy one get one free!

Best Body Jewerly in Baton Rouge!

Did you know that Deja Vu Tattoo and Body Piercing is the only studio in Baton Rouge that ONLY uses hand polished, implant grade titanium, niobium, and gold for initial piercings! Professional grade body jewelry from Anatometal, NeoMetal, LeRoi and Invictus are just some of the quality pieces we have in stock for your fresh or healed piercing!

The health and success of your piercing is our utmost concern!

Feel free to stop by and browse our selection!

Externally threaded jewelry SUCKS!

At Deja Vu we only use the highest quality materials for our clients health and satisfaction.
This is why we only use internally threaded, hand polished titanium jewelry for your initial piercing. The external threads on cheap mall jewelry can ruin your piercing after changing the jewelry or even while inserting it with the fresh piercing! Do yourself and your body a favor by wearing implant grade body jewelry from reputable manufacturers.



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