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Open Late

The shop is open everyday except Sunday and Monday with Bankhead tattooing 12pm-7pm and Storm from 5pm-1am or later. Piercings by Red.

Back from Voodoo!

We had a blast at Tattoo Voodoo! Back in Baton Rouge and ready to tattoo and pierce you to your heart's content! Big thanks to salior Ralph for putting it on, we met a ton of great artists and plan to back for seconds next year.

Tattoo Voodoo 2014 Halloween Weekend

Deja Vu will be at this years Tattoo Voodoo Expo. The expo will be held at the Landmark Hotel on Severn Ave October 31 - November 2nd. Come by and say hello, check out our convention discounts and get a piece of art you will carry with you forever!

High quality piercing

We offer high quality professional piercing by an experienced body piercer. Our piercer only uses ASTM compliant and internally threaded jewelry for initial piercings. No cheap externally threaded jewelry here. We DO NOT do $10 piercings or offer our clients cheap jewelry. If it's cheap....there's a reason!

Better jewelry for better piercing

We carry a huge selction of quality ASTM compliant jewelry for initial piercings. All jewelry is internally threaded and made from implant grade materials. No cheap externally threaded jewelry here!

Why is this important?


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