Red The Impaler

Hometown: Hammond, Louisiana

Profession: Body Piercer

Experience: 10 years

Favorite Piercing: Philtrum


Red has been piercing bodies for reasons of adornment for the last 10 years. He enjoys proper placement of piercings for the best overall look and satisfaction for his clients. A piercing from Red is one you will undoubtedly enjoy as he uses only quality, hand polished, implant grade titanium, niobium, or gold for initial piercings. Red takes the utmost care in utilizing aseptic technique to prevent cross comtamination and ensure a superbly sterile piercing.

Body Piercings are $40 plus the cost of jewelry
Jewelry starts at $30
Custom Anodizing is free!
All jewelry is implant grade, hand polished Titanium, Niobium, or Gold!

For more information please visit his Instagram:


Or call the studio at 225-291-0095